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We're property.

Our bodies, our biology, everything we are, everything we become, belongs to them.

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Name:Cosima Niehaus
Birthdate:Jan 7


Name: Cosima Niehaus
Fandom: Orphan Black
Age/Grade: 16/Junior (Class of 2017)
Voice Mail:555-LEDA
Address: Dorm room 212 with Ada Miller
Big Sibling: Cecil Palmer (voiceoverdue)
Classes, Summer I 2015: Popular Mechanics (Tuesday, Skywalker); The Day After Doomsday (Hardison, Thursday); Sexual Safety (Adler, Friday)
Classes, Summer II 2015: Etiquette (Kenobi, Monday); Adventuring (Hardison, Tuesday)
Classes, Fall 2015: Deception (Bond, Monday); Competitive Team Building (Spencer, Hardison & Parker, Tuesday)
Classes, Spring 2016: Computer Science (Pryde, Monday); Diplomacy (Atreides/Veila, Wednesday); American History (Rogers, Friday)
Classes, Summer I 2016: Indoor Activities (Hardison, Tuesday); Life Soundtrack (Wilson, Thursday); Relative from the Future (Kenobi/Skywalker, Friday)


So, this spiral, this is the golden ratio and it's a mathematical pattern that just repeats itself in nature, in flower petals and honeybees, and you know, the stars in the galaxy, and in every molecule of our DNA.


This is strictly for roleplay. I claim no relationship to Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany, or BBC America.


AIM: fakenamecentral
Email: septembergrrl @ gmail dot com
How's My Driving?

TV Tropes
Adorkable|Clones are People Too|Erudite Stoner|Nerds are Sexy|Nice Girl|Science Hero

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